This year's accessories collections are brimming with ideas and new trends, and the fashion scene is in love with animal details like feathers, leopard, zebra and crocodile prints. Gold and silver materials are also IN and they look charming when combined with monochrome outfits for an absolutely adorable feminine outfit. Famous fashion brands offer a wide range of accessories, so you can enjoy a lovely mix&match game while creating your new favorite winter outfit. For the ladies who prefer monochrome pieces, accessories in effective prints are the right choice and can give your outfit a unique and graceful look. Winter brings us a handful of nuances which can erase all traces of monotony and bring color into a foggy setting.

We have selected several pieces from the new Liu Jo collection and combined them in order to help you create a distinguishable outfit that won’t go unnoticed in any occasion. Indulge in an exciting Mix&Match game and pair your favorite purse with a matching pair of shoes for a striking feminine outfit. 

Evening glam

Are you already in love with your „evening glam“ outfit? We are and we are certan that wearing this irresistible Liu Jo mix you will be noticed wherever you go. 

Liu Jo animal print

Which print do you prefer, leopard or zebra? Whichever you choose, we are sure that your „animal mix“ will look great with a mini black skirt or dress for an attractive combination in which you can takeover the winter fashion scene. 

Charming in a snowy environment


How do you imagine the perfect winter day, do you enjoy the snowy adventures and the icy environment? If you like long walks and trips, choose the „charming in snow“ mix and refresh the outfit with a pair of effective boots which look adorable with a monochrome backpack, so you can bring all the stuff you need, with your hands-free to photograph and capture the most beautiful winter memories.

Choose your favorite mix and get ready for a „trés chic“ fashionable winter.