The undisputed hit of the season is definitely the popular animal print that awakens the wild spirit in us and lures us into a sexy fashion mood. Although considered by many to be too extravagant, animal print returns every fall/winter season as a top fashion trend. This season, fashion brands use leopard print, zebras, snakes, and crocodiles on almost all clothing, footwear, and accessories. Clearly, we have a great challenge ahead because the look made of animal patterns requires a little more boldness and skill in combining. To create the perfect outfit for the fall and winter days ahead of us, you need to have the following pieces in your wardrobe:

Animal print top

During gloomy and rainy days, when you are lacking inspiration and the city streets are gray and monotonous, a leopard print sweater with a good pair of jeans works as a great solution, and in this outfit, you will surely look fashionable without much effort. For a more glamorous combination, choose a blouse embellished with a leopard or zebra print and pair it with a fluttering midi-length black skirt or a classic pencil skirt for a sophisticated, feminine look.

Animal print bottoms

Animal print trousers or skirts are a must-have for the fall/winter 2019 season and can give your outfit a feminine touch that will look completely stylish at every opportunity. Choose attractive zebra, bold leopard or sexy crocodile print and create a winning fall combination. The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn with blouses, shirts or T-shirts of dark and light colors, and are best combined with monochrome tops in black and brown.

Animal print dress

Unleash your adventurous spirit and beat the monotony with an attractive leopard dress that won’t go unnoticed. This dress is perfect in all three lengths, so you can choose a mini, midi or maxi model depending on the occasion, and you will look completely modern and stylish during day and evening occasions.

Animal print shoes and bags

Animal print shoes and bags

If you prefer simpler classic pattern outfits that you like to freshen up with an attractive piece, the right choice this season are leopard print boots and an irresistible bag with the same pattern that will round out your trendy look. For a more elegant combination, choose shoes with high heels embellished with leopard, zebra or crocodile patterns and create a sexy youthful combination that takes on a whole new dimension.

Animal print scarf 

You can easily achieve a charming feminine look by adding a trendy colorful scarf or animal print scarf to your favorite outfit, giving your combination a gentle touch and a ladylike look.