Plaid is definitely IN this year. Shirts, pants, jackets and other pieces in checkered pattern remain an absolute hit in the men's fall/winter 2019 collections. This season is all about neutral colors emphasized by vibrant details and the fashion scene is crazy about plaid pattern and its multiple colored criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands. 

Freshen up your outfit with a plaid piece that will give your outfit a unique and modern touch. Simple but effective, this pattern is a perfect choice and can be worn by everyone, which makes it even more popular. Inspire yourself with photos and choose an item in this timeless pattern that will emphasize your modern style.

We have prepared a few fashion tips for this year:


Subtle plaid

If you prefer a more sophisticated style and monochrome pieces, and would like to refresh the combination and make it modern, this is an ideal solution for you. Choose a checkered shirt in bright shades, and put a sweater in some neutral color over it. Pull the front of your shirt, collar and sleeves out of your sweater and that's it! Your outfit will be modern, but you will keep the simplicity which makes it elegant and classy.


Plaid coat

Combine this season’s two most popular trends and pair a monochrome turtleneck with a plaid coat that will accentuate your stylish outfit. Gray or black turtleneck looks great when combined with monochrome pants or jeans, but this combination can get a little monotonous in a cloudy winter setting. Freshen up your style with a great plaid coat and make the outfit stylish and different without much hassle.


Mix and match contradictory fashion styles

You like a checkered pattern on your shirt, but you are drawn to the urban style of oversized hoodies and jackets? Everything is allowed this season, so mix and match contradictory styles and become a true trendsetter. A plaid shirt under an oversized urban hoodie is an absolute hit of the fall/winter season and will certainly emphasize your authentic style.